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"Sickness, Age, Fear, Worry, Tension, Every Human Torment Drops Away... and You Begin to live More Joyfully and Abundantly...

...When you read "Rev. Ike's Secrets for Health, Joy and Prosperity -- For YOU!"

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This powerful, life-changing book is my Study Guide that teaches you how to harness the God-given power of YOUR OWN MIND to achieve...

...good health, happiness, success, prosperity and Money!

Are you ready to 'wash out' doubt, fear and worry...

.... and IMPLANT self-esteem, success and love into your subconscious?

Then fasten your seat belt, open your mind, hold on to your this book...

...and get turned on to a whole new way of thinking...'re going to 'get right with yourself'! (and when you are right with yourself, everything in life will be right for you!)

Are You Living by Blind Faith...
Dumb Luck...or Science?

I call my philosophy "Science of Living" because we are not dealing with blind faith or dumb luck...

...because this philosophy IS a science...a science of using your mind... is a technology for living, because it teaches you how to control your life, by controlling your thoughts and emotions...

... it teaches you how to use the God-given power of your own mind to determine the circumstances and situations in your life!

...You'll find it all in my book " Rev Ike's Secrets for Health, Joy and Prosperity -- For YOU! A Science of Living Study Guide."

52 Easy to Read,
Life-changing Chapters

You can order this book right now for the low price of only $14.95 plus S&H (for the paperback), or only $8.95 for the E-book, by clicking on the links below, but let me give you a sample of the priceless wisdom and techniques you'll find in this book...

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You see, in mind science we are always dealing with the subconscious mind. We are seeking to impress positive ideas upon our subconscious minds.

In this book you'll discover:

  • How to use your mind to 'Define Yourself' -- create a new confident self-image.
  • How to 'Unlearn' Sickness and 'Learn' Good Health
  • Why you must Forgive Yourself -- and How to do it!
  • How to Attract love (and why you must learn to love yourself first).
  • How to prepare yourself mentally to receive life's blessings!
  • How to use your mind to overcome negative circumstances.
  • The 'secret' psychology of money -- how to become a 'money magnet'.
  • How to use Visualization to trick your subconscious mind into getting you everything you want in life!
  • How to get the job you want!
  • How to increase your self-esteem and feel good about yourself!
  • How to attract the right mate!
  • Powerful affirmations to re-program your mind for joy and abundance
  • and so much more!

But let me warn you -- when you read this book -- you may get more than you expected.

Based on the Bible, but...What?

Some 'religious' people are going to be shocked...

...because, you see, my teachings are based on the Bible, -- but not the literal translation of the fundamentalists...

... I interpret the Bible SYMBOLICALLY, not literally. I consider the Bible the greatest book of Mind Science -- the greatest book of spiritual psychology -- ever written!

When you get through reading my book,
the Bible will never be the same...

You will UNDERSTAND it for the
first time in your life!

And you will love God more than ever, but it won't be the God you learned about in Sunday School.

It won't be that stingy, hard-hearted, hard-of-hearing God-in the-Sky you've been praying to...

...because, you'll learn to stop looking for help from a God OUTSIDE of you. You will know the truth of yourself -- that you are a Child of God and God is WITHIN YOU!

You see, the Science of Living teaching in this book is for thinking people of ALL religions and even for those with NO religion!

Now, are you ready to learn the truth about yourself and the amazing power within you?

Are you ready to learn how to use this power to be what you want to be -- do what you want to do -- and have what you want to have?

Then don't wait -- order your copy of this book today.

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Love, Peace, Prosperity,

Rev. Ike's signature
January 31, 2009

P.S. Don't let the low prices of only $14.95 plus S&H or $8.95 fool you! This book is filled with priceless, life-transforming information. It may be the best investment you ever made. You'll thank me in your prayers! Order it now.

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